Got a flat? Tyrefill NT can get it fixed fast!

The Tyrefill NT component of the Heavy Duty Group specialises in providing Alice Springs solid fill tyres for your excavation equipment, to save you ongoing costs. Our team can service the tyres of:

  • Graders
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Tractors
  • Earthmovers
  • Excavators
  • And much more!

We use Tyrefill technology, that replaces the air in your tyres with a soft polyurethane compound. This will ensure your tyres are protected from deflation and allow you to enjoy greater traction and a more comfortable ride. If you operate excavation equipment in a harsh working environment, solid fill tyres are a reliable alternative to costly tyre replacements. With Tyrefill, there is no restriction on tyre size or tread design.

To organise our first-rate Alice Springs tyre replacement service, call Tyrefill NT today!

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